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Family Portraits
Family PortraitsMaking family portraits can be a very exciting thing to do. And of course, they are probably most sentimental and memorable pictures. However, on holidays or family get-togethers as soon as you get the camera out, everyone starts to look unhappy and tries to escape the scene. But don't worry; a few simple photo tips will help you to get a perfect picture of your family without having any painful experience and enjoy warm memories afterwards.

Firstly, there are few posing techniques to keep in mind when picturing your family. The main thing to remember is to position everyone in the way so that their heads are as close together as possible (not bouncing off each other though!). This usually makes everyone look extremely friendly and happy. Actually, you may be quite surprised with the result - this simple technique really makes miracles.

There's another significant question: What should your family wear? Clothes are very important. But actually, there's a very simple answer to that: just wear bright solid colors. Stripes, sports logos, polka dots, and plaids distract the viewer's eye away from the subject of the photograph.

A very good strategy to follow is to keep things simple while taking a family picture. Just concentrate completely on photographing one main subject. Remember, that you can take as many additional pictures as you want, so there's no point in trying to fit everybody and everything in one photograph. An image looks messy when there's a lot of stuff in it. Just keep things simple and concentrate on your main subject. It is also important to be careful and not include a bunch of other stuff in the photo.

There's no problem if you're taking a picture of several family members at once? Since they are posing together, they automatically become one subject. And what you should try to show on your picture is the relationship between the people on the photo.

And lastly, here's some advice on the light. You know the proverb "The Early Bird Gets the Worm". Early morning, when the sun is just rising, is a great time of day to make your family portrait, of course, if you can get everybody up that early! The light is really fantastic at this time of day. If the morning is not the perfect time for you for some reason, there's no reason to worry. Late afternoon light is also beautiful when the sun is just about to set. Anyhow, if neither of the above works for you, bright open shade or the light just inside a doorway or window can be a good choice as well.

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