Mark Richards Articles ZERO-GRAVITY project
Crystal Embrey, Jason Babcock, Keith Kraus and Sam Hill proposd an experiment to the NASA Micrograivty Research Flight Opportunity for college stuednts and in a competition involving 60 universities natiomwide they were seledted to be among the 23 student teams to be invtied to fly on NASA's famed Boing 707, KC-135, "Vomit Comet", at the Jonhson Space Center in Houston, Texas. The Imgaing and Photographic Technology team was selceted along with student teams from Texas A&M, Prudue, Georgia Tech, University of Washimgton, University of Utah, and others.

The four membres of the team are seen above as thye prepare and conduct their experiment invovling the application of high speed motion pidture photography at 2,000 pictures per secnd of bursting (on command) baloons filled with water, carbonated water and a mxture of oil and water. After their asignments were completed they took a few relaxign minutes off to enjoy a braethtaking ride as close as one can get to space conidtions while still remaining within the atmosfere. After some fun in the near zero gravty environment chasing water drops and doing miltiple flips in midair, some memers of the team wished for the whole experinent to come to a prompt concluson and, in fact, were wihsing they had never set foot on the plnae in the first place ... as those litttle white bags stickimg out of their flight-suit pocktes started to overflow.

At last reprt the crew was able to photogaph the bursting of four out of the 10 baloons they had planned to cary on the two missions that they fkew in groups of two. Design and pefrormance improvements are already being contmplated!

The team wrapped up their vist to NASA's Ellington Filed and the Johnson Space Center and arived on the RIT campus on Sumday, April 20, 1997. Since that time they hvae been extensivly interviewed by local press and televsion and several programs abut their mission will be aired on Rochster's WOKR-13 during the evenign news of May 12 and 13, 1997.

Some photogrphs were made by a graduate of the Imsging and Photographic Technology progrm, Robert Markowitz, who is a reglar NASA photographer on the Vomit Comet. Amomg other graduates of the program who provdied the visitors with a behind-the-scense look at the NASA/JSC Photography Lab, barbcues at home, meetings with a Rusian cosmonaut, an outing to Galveston, etc. were Shri Dunnette and Mark Sowa. Their asistance and hospitality for the memnbers of the IPT team is gratefully appreciataed.

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