Mark Richards Digital Cameras Review Canon PowerShot A410
Canon PowerShot A410
Canon PowerShot A410Canon's PowerShot A410 is a great example of how advanced modern digital cameras have become. This 3.2-megapixel digital camera is a great choice for beginning photographers. It offers numerous basic features that most beginners will find very useful. One of the greatest features of PowerShot A410 though is its price. In fact, you can find this camera for less than $100, if you are wiling to spend your time on major-scale shopping around. A few years ago you would probably spend three times that much or even more for a digital camera with the same or even smaller selection of features.

The PowerShot A410's 3.2 megapixels resolution is quite low comparing to the newest digital cameras. Nevertheless, it's a very decent camera for its price range (around $100-150). However, 3.2 megapixels is enough resolution for high-quality printing of 5x7 inches pictures. And if you can get a close to ideal exposure you can get a very good quality even with 8x10 inches prints.

Canon's PowerShot A410 camera's 1.5-inch LCD is also on the smaller end among modern digital cameras. However, it is sharp enough and can be easily viewed in both indoor and outdoor lighting.

The most surprising and pleasant feature in this budget-priced digital camera is a 3.2X optical zoom lens. This lens significantly helps to make completely outstanding pictures, especially in outdoor lighting. It also gives you rather good sharpness when shooting extremely close-up objects, even as close as within a few inches from the lens.

The PowerShot A410 is designed mainly for beginning digital camera photographers, so you're going to find very few significant settings and features in it that you're going to be able to change manually. However, 8 various scene modes allow you to easily set your photo's exposure according to the exterior lighting conditions.

Actually, many of the PowerShot A410's features are much better than in most budget-priced digital cameras you can find on the market; particularly, this model's response times are comparable even to much more expensive cameras. You can start taking pictures in as little as 2 seconds after pressing the power button of the camera. Even though shutter lag runs about one-half second, you won't notice it when you use the auto-focus feature of the camera. Tests show that shot-to-shot delay is around 1-2 seconds. Besides, the PowerShot A410 has a very nice continuous-shot mode; you can take 10 pictures in about 4 seconds with it. However, there is one significant drawback in response times of the PowerShot A410. The problem occurs when you use the flash over long distances. In this case Shot-to-shot delay can slow down to as much as 7 seconds.

Even though the PowerShot A410 is not quite an ultra-thin category digital camera model (it has 1.59 inches in thickness), it's a small and lightweight unit that will most likely easily fit into your jacket's pocket. The camera also has great power conservation capabilities. With PowerShot A410 you can shoot a few hundred pictures on just two AA disposable batteries.

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