Mark Richards Digital Cameras Review Olympus Stylus 1000
Olympus Stylus 1000
Olympus Stylus 1000Digital cameras of the Olympus Stylus line are typically stylish, compact and well-performing models. However, in most cases these cameras don't have all the power and high-end features of the larger Olympus models. The Olympus Stylus 1000 digital camera is about to change this situation.

Firstly, the Stylus 1000 has plenty of power. With its 10 megapixels of resolution if you can get good lighting conditions, than you can make high-quality prints up to 20x25 inches.

Secondly, this model offers a great amount of high-end features. The camera has a very good image stabilization feature; actually, it greatly reduces blur as you snap the photo. And if a picture still comes out too blurry - don't worry; this problem can be easily solved by some basic editing techniques that you can use immediately after taking the picture.

Thirdly, the camera offers a native 16:9 resolution mode. This can give your pictures a great variety of different looks from the standard image sizes. Stylus 1000 model also has 3X optical zoom lens, so regardless of which resolution mode you choose to shoot in, image quality is going to be very high with the lens' aid.

The Stylus 1000 has a 2.5-inch LCD. It works quite well and provides sharp images when lighting conditions are low or typical. However, when lighting conditions are bright (for example, bright sunlight) it can be rather difficult to see. Unfortunately, this can be a problem since LCD is the camera's only viewfinder.

Tests show that for a digital camera in this price range Stylus 1000's response times are above average in most cases; however, some features are a little below average as well. The first picture can be taken in less than 1 second after you press the power button. You'll probably see a 1-2 second lag if you are using the flash and the zoom lens together; in most other cases and lighting conditions shutter lag isn't noticeable. Shot-to-shot delays can also vary greatly, depending on whether, flash usage and the distance from the subject, ranging from about 1 second to almost 5 seconds.

The Stylus 1000 model is designed mainly for beginning photographers. If you need a basic point-and-shoot digital camera with as few as possible confusing manual-setting options this model is the right choice for you. A built-in Help function is also available on this model - another plus for beginners. So you can easily access information about a function directly while using it.

Another good thing about the Stylus 1000 is that this model has an affordable price, just like most cameras in the Stylus family. There aren't many digital cameras out there with such a wide list of powerful features for less than $400.

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