Mark Richards Digital Cameras Review Sony DSC-W50
Sony DSC-W50
Sony DSC-W50The Sony DSC-W50 digital camera is a great mix of price, features, performance, and size; this makes it one of the best choices for beginning photographers currently available on the market.

The DSC-W50 has 6.0 megapixels of resolution. This allows for high-quality prints measuring 11x14 inches. The 3X optical zoom lens produces pictures of superior quality in most common lighting conditions. This camera works really well even in low-light conditions, regardless of whether you do or don't use a flash.

As for a sub-$250 digital camera DSC-W50's response times are extremely good. You can start shooting your photos in less than 2 seconds after pressing the power button; it can take a little longer though if a memory card is being used. The DSC-W50's shutter lag isn't noticeable in most cases since it measures only a fraction of a second. Shot-to-shot delays are usually 1-2 seconds. They can get up to 4 seconds if you're using the flash over a long distance though. One of the drawbacks is the camera's continuous-shot mode; you can get three pictures in about 1.5 seconds on best settings.

Good help features are available in the DSC-W50. For instance, an explanation is displayed when you turn the dial to one of the camera's features. And once you get familiar with the digital camera's functions, this feature can be easily turned off. And even though the DSC-W50 camera is designed mostly for beginners thanks to its point-and-shoot simplicity, it can also be useful for more experienced photographers since it has a few manual setting features.

The DSC-W50 has 32MB of internal memory. If you are shooting at lower resolutions, you probably won't even need a memory card. The DSC-W50 runs from a rechargeable proprietary battery only, you may want to buy another battery, though.

The silver body of this digital camera is about the size of a pack of playing cards. The DSC-W50 has very easy to use controls, too. Another great feature of this camera is an optical viewfinder, which is rather rare thing to find in low-priced digital cameras. So there are many good things to like about the DSC-W50 camera.

Even though the DSC-W50 is a very good choice for beginning photographers, it has one significant drawback - its 2.5-inch LCD is large enough for cameras of this price range certainly not sharp enough. But that's rather insignificant drawback comparing to all the good features you will find in this digital camera.

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