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Adding Text to Your Images
Adding Text to Your ImagesSometimes it is great to add some words or lyrics to your pictures to make them even more spectacular or to completely show their meaning. In previous years in order to add text to an image you needed to prepare a picture in image-editing program such as Photoshop, and then import it to a special illustration program such as Adobe Illustrator. Nowadays, newer versions of Photoshop allow adding text to images without any additional software, above that, this is very easily done.

Even though Illustrator offers you more fancy options for
designs and layouts, recent versions of Photoshop have enough features for adding text to photos as well, that will let you control many aspects of type. So basically, if you're a photographer, not an illustrator, Photoshop must be sufficient for you when it will come to adding text to your images. Here is the order in which you should act while adding text to an image in newer versions of Photoshop:

1. Select the Type tool.
2. Click on your photo at the place where you would like to insert text.
3. Type the text.
4. Move the text if needed.
5. Do whatever you want with the text and then go back to your normal editing by pressing Enter key on the numeric pad (regular Enter key will just cause a line break in your text).

In the Type tool you can do various changes to your text, such as changing the font and its size, making it bold or underlined, center or left-align it, etc. There are numerous things that you can do with the text. Just explore the Text and Character palettes and you will eventually find the look you like the most. Just experiment with different options and see how they affect your text, it's that simple. To correct the text afterwards just select the Type tool again and click on the area where the text is situated.

After you added the text of your choice to your image, you can move it around to place wherever you want. You can do it either before or after changes to the text are committed. If you're still in the text edit mode, you need to move your cursor until it gets appearance of the Move tool. Click and drag the text wherever you want it to be. If you've already committed the text changes just select the Move tool from the Tool palette and do the same action.

Another option available to you is changing the color of your text. Just select the color patch in the Text Options bar in the Character palette, or use the Text dialog box. A good idea is to choose a color for your text that contrasts with the background of your picture - it makes it easier to comprehend. Another thing to remember is that a darker text on a lighter background is easier to read than a light text on a dark background.

In the newest versions of Photoshop features like warping, bending and otherwise distorting text are available. With these you can make your image even more sophisticated and fashionable.

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