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Healing Brush
Healing BrushThere's a great tool in Photoshop version 7+ called "Healing Brush". If you've heard about it from your friends, you may be wondering, what is it for? Or if you are an experienced user of previous versions of Photoshop, you may not understand why you should use it if you can use the "old school" Clone Stamp tool instead.

However, even if you've learned the art of cloning or rubber stamping, Healing Brush can be an extremely powerful and time-saving tool for your work. For example, Clone Stamp tool makes you think about things like matching color and tonal value; the Healing Brush does most of these things automatically for you. The Healing Brush is very similar to the Clone Stamp tool; the most significant and valuable difference though is that as soon as you place a sample on your picture, Healing Brush tries to match colors and makes your work to blend seamlessly.

With the Healing Brush you only need to think about the kind of texture you're grabbing. Choose an appropriate texture and the software will do the rest for you. It may be a little difficult to understand all the difference just reading this; you have to try it yourself couple times to truly get the point. Actually, when you will get into it, you probably will never want to go back to that "old school" cloning again.

However, sometimes you will have to go to the good old cloning method, despite whether you like it or not. For example, using the Healing Brush on a high-contrast edge can lead to a strange unrealistic glow. In this case you probably should use the Clone Stamp tool instead of the Healing Brush. In case you don't know how to do it, read on below.

First you need to enlarge the area which you want to work with. Just use the "Zoom In" tool (your cursor should look like a magnifying glass). Once you have the area enlarged, it is much easier to work on it. Than use whatever tool fits your situation the most. For example, just take a sample of the background image and patch it over the unwanted element. It is a good idea to make your brush size small - this will make the final picture look more natural.

Anyhow, the "Healing Brush" tool is a great helper in editing your photographs. Once you master it, you will never work with your pictures in the same way again.

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